Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hav You Heard of the Ayurvedic Skin Care Approach?

Ayurvedic Skin Care

This is a great article on Maharishi Ayurveda which is a modern holistic approach to beauty consisting of three main areas of focus: outler, inner, and lasting beauty. It goes into great detal on what you should take care of each component, a summary follows:

1. Roopam (Outter Beauty)
– the recommended do’s and don’t when it comes to dieting and nourishment of the body, regardless of skin type
– A very detailed description for each skin type and how to identify which type you fall under and how to specificly care for your skin type.

2. Gunam (Inner Beauty)
– This aspect has to do with your mental attitude and lifestyle choices: kindness, friendliness, and sincerity are three characteristics mentioned that will help you feel better on the inside and it will also show on the outside. Having a positive attitude and outlook does have physical benefits including reduced aging. In terms of lifestyle, don’t just eat right, but eat at the right times of the day such as your main mean at midday, and ideally go to sleep by 10 PM.

3. Yayastyag (Lasting Beauty)
– You can think of this section as tying the first two sections together and elaborating up on them as well.
– Be sure to eliminate the toxins that accumulate over time and free radicals in the body. The article goes into specific skin care items you can use.
– Rejuvenative techniques such as sleeping early, daily meditation, eat freshly prepared organic whole fresh food, follow a daily regimen of applying ayurvedic oil message in the mornings, practice yoga stretching and yoga breathing

Beauty is not a gift, but a choice says the author of this article, Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf. Ayurvedic is one of the many alternatives. Learn to see if it is right for you.


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